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70 Years Old Woman And Her Lover Banished For Making Love In Dead Husbands Bed



For allegedly having sex with a man on her late husband’s matrimonial bed, a 70 woman been banished from her community.
The widow Mrs Maria Okoh, it was gathered, was allegedly caught by her granddaughter allegedly having sex with the 30 year old man said to be her lover at Amaudo Nkpoghoro village, Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

In Afikpo, it is a considered a taboo for a widow to make love on her late husband matrimonial bed.

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Maria’s grand daughter was said to have gone to her grandmother’s house to give her some food items which she bought for her when she saw the 30 year old man making love with the grandmother.

She immediately raise alarm and immediately reported the matter to some members of the community who reported it to elders in the area.

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Some of the villagers immediately held the woman and the man and dragged them out of the house chanting disgraceful songs on them.

The villagers paraded the widow and the man round the community while chanting disgraceful songs as punishment for their act.

The woman was allegedly banished from the community after the parade.

One of the villagers, Egwu Azubuike said the woman would have faced greater punishment if her husband was still alive.

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He noted that the act has brought shame to the widow’s family, adding that the widow was among the most respected women in the community
before the incident.

Meanwhile, according to the community’s custom, the woman will give three goats as fine to appease the land before she will be accepted back.


A boy of just 18 years old has wedded his 17 years old fiance in an elaborate ceremony



A boy of just 18 years old has wedded his 17 years old fiance in an elaborate ceremony in Abia State Nigeria. See Pictures below


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E. Guinea – Show Of The Drummer Valeriano In The ICEF



The French Cultural Institute of Expression (ICEF) in Malabo will stage on the afternoon of Friday, January 20, a special performance by international drummer, Valeriano.

Valeriano with his collection of drumsticks. Known internationally as drummer, Valeriano comes to present his last album in the ICEF of the Equatoguinean capital.

The singer, author and composer presents his peculiar style of fusion, mixing traditional African music with jazz, rumba, coupe dècalè.

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Notice: The total or partial reproduction of this article or the accompanying images must be done, always and everywhere, with the mention of the source of origin (Equatorial Guinea Information and Press Office).

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Mum arrested ‘for having sex with her married 25-year-old son’ who she described on Facebook as ‘handsome’




A mother has been arrested after allegedly having sex with her son, who she described on Facebook as being “handsome”.

Melissa ‘Missy’ Kitchens, 44, from North Carolina, has been charged along with her son, Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer, 25, with incest.

She was arrested on September 7, with officers arrested her son one day later.

Police claim in documents that she had sex with her son in August, however it is not clear how these allegations came to light.

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Her son Pfeiffer has also been charged with being intoxicated and disruptive, indecent liberties with a child and communicating threats.

Buncombe Country Sheriff’s Office Melissa Nell Kitchens
Melissa Kitchens is accused of having sex with her son in August

Arrest documents claim that the mother and son had sex together in August.

According to reports, he lives in a home with his wife Shannon Roman and his mother in Asheville, North Carolina.


Buncombe Country Sheriff’s Office Shaun Pfeiffer


Shaun Pfeiffer has been arrested by police

The mum has previously written on Facebook while commenting on a picture of her son: “Can’t get over how handsome you are.”

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In a post that suggests family problems, she also wrote on social media: “Just trying To Brighten The Mood—- Things are Very Stressful and I Love You and I Respect Any Decision— As Long as your Happy and Safe………. I miss you& wish I had more time w you…… Your Very Valuable and Hopefully The Stresses—- Will get better.”

Faceboojk Shaun's Mother and wife


Shaun’s Mother and wife Shannon Roman

Pfeiffer’s wife Shannon has also appeared to comment on Facebook: “When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it’s the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.”

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Pfeiffer is being held on $70,500 bail, according to the Buncombe County Jail.



Pfeiffer and his wife Shannon Roman

Kitchens is being held on $30,000.

They are both set to appear in court in late September.




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End Of Days – Naked restaurant opens at the heart of London (video)



Sun terrace for nudist is opened in London, and it's incredible!



– First nudist roof sun terrace has been opened in London

– It was naked restaurant in past

– Terrace includes open-air bar, sun-bathing areas and a trampoline


Sun terrace for nudist is opened in London, and it's incredible!

Almost 20m high terrace, in Parliament Square, offers spectacular views of some of the city’s main attractions, including Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

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More adventurous visitors will also be able to enjoy a work out in the nude, with a round of swing-ball or a bounce on the trampoline.

Managing director of NOW TV Gidon Kartz says: “As a nation, it seems we’re increasingly avoiding being “tied down” in life. ‘We’re going to keep breaking away from traditional conventions; firstly contracts, and now clothes.”


Sun terrace for nudist is opened in London, and it's incredible!


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The nudist terrace was opened following new research that revealed young Brits today are the ‘No Strings’ generation, as they avoid being ‘tied down’ in life compared to their parents.

Watch the promo-footage below.





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The myriad risks of Pokemon Go




Is that a Snorlax over there?

If you can see it, you’re playing the new smartphone game Pokemon Go, along with millions of other people around the world. And beyond the now-resolved Google account snafu that plagued Pokemon trainers on iPhones in the game’s first days, you should be aware of the serious personal safety and privacy implications that security and privacy experts want gamers to consider before going ga-ga for Gengar.

Because the game combines its main activity—capturing cartoon Pokemon characters—as an overlay on the real world, as viewed through your smartphone camera, it gathers a lot of location data on you. The collection of your data, says Michelle De Mooy, the deputy director of the Privacy and Data Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology, is what you trade for being able to play the game.

Pokemon Go is an exciting game, but takes this data collection to another level by getting finely grained location information about users,” she says, which “is used to profile, target, and make inferences about people that can have harmful effects, including access to information about jobs, and determination of creditworthiness and insurance. Also, the popularity of the game has made it a huge target for hackers.”

Pokemon Go publisher Niantic Labs is run by John Hanke, founder of the company that became Google Earth. Niantic specializes in making smartphone apps that use your physical location and smartphone camera to provide an overlay of information. Its best-known apps are the game Ingress, a game requiring its players to physically travel to certain spots that began as an April Fool’s joke, and Field Trip, a real-time tour guide.

“I’ve never seen so many people playing a game and being so happy.” — security researcher Scotland Symons

Niantic did not respond to multiple requests for comment on security, safety, and privacy concerns about Pokemon Go.

Malicious hackers are notorious for glomming on to whichever popular trends are ricocheting around the Web. They use social-engineering techniques to get unsuspecting people to turn over credit card or bank account information, or even just email log-in information. But Pokemon Go’s reliance on the physical world for gameplay, along with its skyrocketing popularity, is making players put their physical safety at risk alongside their online personas.

A police officer who works in a California city with a large population of college students, who requested anonymity because he didn’t have permission from his superiors to speak to the press, says that on the first Saturday night that the game was released, he saw hundreds of college students walking around, “totally focused on the game and on their phone, and maybe not so much on their surroundings.”

“They were walking around areas where people often get robbed for their cell phones,” which he says are “the easiest thing to get robbed of because you can see the bright screen a mile away.”

Pokemon Go’s safety problems affect nonplayers, too. A Parallax reader reported that her mother’s apartment building issued a safety warning to residents because of Pokemon Go players “trying to gain access to get to the back of the property” to reach one of the game characters.

These stories follow accounts of other real or potential Pokemon-influenced situations, from inappropriate to dangerous, including fears of wandering African-American players getting attacked, crowds of players flocking to a man’s home and a Hell’s Angels clubhouse, uses of the game to discover a lover’s infidelity or market a house, gameplay at a funeral or Auschwitz, and even the discovery of a dead body. Others have complained that Niantic is not making reasonable accommodations for disabled gamers.

Many computer security experts, perhaps surprisingly, seem sanguine about the game. Security researcher Don Bailey wrote a lengthy analysis of the game as he pushed his newborn son around a park, concluding that as long as players create Pokemon-specific accounts, avoid using a jailbroken or rooted phone, and (to avoid stalkers) always play in public with a partner, the game should be fairly safe to use.

The challenge in making people aware of potential problems, says Scotland Symons, a security researcher with more than two decades in the field, is that people love playing the game.

“I’ve never seen so many people playing a game and being so happy,” she says. “[Pokemon Go] is more of a social-engineering question: ‘Can I get people to do this thing?’ And when the thing is playing Pokemon, the answer is yes.”

As smartphone apps and services develop, our resistance to passively sharing data such as our location drops, says Larry Rosen, a psychologist and researcher at California State University, Dominguez Hills, who studies consumer reactions to modern technology.

Pokemon Go “has really tapped into the quality and impact of the smartphone as a connection and entertainment device. We’re not fighting; we’re exploring, we’re getting entertained,” Rosen says. “Other than crossing the freeway and getting hit by cars, this could be an entertaining, social, and health-saving activity. Most activity on your phone requires you to be sedentary, not active.”

And as far as the issue of Pokemon Go’s creators getting grabby with players’ Google permissions, as they did in the first few days after the game’s release, De Mooy of the CDT says it was indicative of how little Niantic cares for player’s rights.

“People should amend their privacy settings in Google, if applicable, and consider how comfortable they are with a large network of companies having such detailed information about them or their kids,” she says. “It’s a testament to the lack of care that the developers put into considering user privacy.”



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